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作者: Karlin Sloan 
出版社: John Wiley & Sons Inc
副标题: Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership
出版年: 2006-5
页数: 246
定价: 180.00元
装帧: HRD
ISBN: 9780787982683

In this groundbreaking book, acclaimed executive coach Karlin Sloan offers leaders a variety of self–assessments, habits, strategies, and sustainable practices that they can use to become what today’s marketplace demands; smarter, faster, and better. Karlin Sloan shows what it takes to make the move to the next level to become a leader who both grows the bottom line and contributes to stakeholders and the world in a positive way. Based on research, study, and the author’s extensive experience as a coach to leaders of top organizations, this book shows how to become smarter, faster, and better by examining these questions: What are your key strengths and what do you need to develop or leverage? What are you focused on now and what do you need to accomplish to really get ahead? Are your values in line with your work? What is the end you are trying to achieve?


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